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Chile Mobile

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0900 111 022

Price from a landline phone

15 cts/min + 10 cts/call

Call price rounded up to the superior 10 cts.

Call cheaper with MAXtel.ch, from 1 ct/min!

Best rates to call abroad - FAQ


From which phones can I use MAXtel?
Can I call with MAXtel from my landline?

MAXtel services are exclusively for international calls from a Swiss landline, except from a public phone booth.

I am not a Swisscom customer. Can I call via MAXtel?
Yes of course, if you have a phone subscription in Switzerland. Swiss landlines with a subscription to any Swiss telephone operator allow access to MAXtel services, so you can benefit from our rates. However, some operators overcharge calls to 0900 numbers. The price of the extra-charge depends on your contract (monthly or other). If you want more details, you should contact your landline operator.

Can I call via MAXtel from a mobile phone?
No, it is not possible to call with MAXtel from a mobile phone.

Can I call via MAXtel from a public telephone booth?
No, it not possible to call via MAXtel from a public telephone booth.

Can I call via MAXtel from a foreign country?
No, it is not possible to call via MAXtel from a foreign country.

Instructions - MAXtel service use
What services does MAXtel offer?

MAXtel, Swiss operator specialized in international calls, offers the possibility to call at very low cost using access numbers.

How to call via MAXtel?
To call via MAXtel
1. Note the access number of the country you are calling on the rates page of this site.
2. Dial the access number 0900 ... of your correspondent from a Swiss landline. 3. After the greeting message and announcement of the rates, dial 00 then the country code, and then the local number of your correspondent.
The MAXtel billing service is made through the landline (Swisscom, Sunrise, Cablecom etc...). The cost of your MAXtel calls are under the heading "0900/0840". MAXtel billing comes only for the months during which you use our services.

Do I need to sign up or register in order to use MAXtel's services?
No, you do not need to sign up or register. The access to the service is automatic from a Swiss landline as soon as you dial the MAXtel access number 0900 of the country you would like to reach.
I do not know the international calling code of the country I would like to reach.
Please look on the "Code" page of our website. Do not forget to dial the 00 before the code.

Why are MAXtel's prices so interesting?
The low prices of MAXtel are due to
• Automation of our services.
• Elimination of intermediaries to guide the calls.
• Non-existence of direct invoices to customers. The invoice is made by your landline operator you subscribed to.
• Maximal cut of the administrative charges.

How to know the MAXtel rates?

To know the rates of the countries you call, please visit the rates page of this site, and click on the country you are calling. The rates and the access number 0900 ... corresponding to the destination will appear. You can also select the country of your correspondent in the left menu of the site.

How are communications charged by MAXtel?
There is no monthly fixed charge with MAXtel, no subscription or registration. You only pay the charges for your calls.
The prices charged by MAXtel = [(communication time X price minute of the access number) + (connection charges for the destination)] the whole rounded up to superior 10 cents.
For example, a 9-minutes call to Portugal landline costs 20 cts = [X 9 minutes cts / min. + 10 cents connection fee Portugal landline] rounded up to the superior 10 cents.
MAXtel billing starts from the moment you are connected to our services, the end of the announcement of the rate corresponding to the access number dialed.
We recommend you to check regularly that you are dialing the correct access number for the destination you wish to call. These can be modified.
Depending on your landline telephone contract, some operators overcharge alls to 0900 numbers. The price of the extra-charge depends on your contract (monthly or other). If you want more details, contact your landline operator.

How do I pay the communications via MAXtel?
The billing of the MAXtel services is made via your fixed line operator (Swisscom, Sunrise, Cablecom etc ...). You find the cost of your MAXtel calls under the heading "0900/0840".
The MAXtel billing comes only months during which you have used the service.

Must I pay the communication if my correspondent is busy?
MAXtel billing begins at the end of the announcement of the rates for the destination you are calling. If a number is busy, you should hang up quickly.