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Chile Mobile

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from a fix phone:

0900 111 022

Price from a landline phone

15 cts/min + 10 cts/call

Call price rounded up to the superior 10 cts.

Call cheaper with MAXtel.ch, from 1 ct/min!

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Call cheaper to Chile Mobile !

From your landline phone,
dial the access number :
  0900 111 022

15 cts/min + 10 cts/call
Call price rounded up to the superior 10 cts.

After the welcome message,
dial the :00
then the :prefix of the country
then the :telephone number
 you want to reach.

Your call will be invoiced at MAXtel prices at the end of the month by you usual operator (swisscom, sunrise, cablecom etc) under the paragraph"0900/0840".